Blogs I Love

Turn Towards the Sun
That's Caroline's blog! Her writing style is very fresh and clear and she writes about entertaining things, like herself. I love my sisters, y'all. I don't care if my lavish praise comes off as sucking up; they deserve it.

A Beautiful Mess
I found this blog via Stumble Upon, and it's really wonderful. It's written by a vintage fashion designer and store owner, and she posts DIY crafts and recipes and pictures of herself and her awesome husband. For a person like me that's in this life for its picturesque moments, this blog is the Holy Grail.

Food Coma
This blog is written by the sister of the author of A Beautiful Mess, and I actually like her blog a little bit more. Her style is fresh and frank and she mostly writes about food, which gets her my vote right off the bat. Lots of recipes and funny anecdotes.

rockstar diaries

Naomi's been getting a lot of good publicity lately; she was in France's Glamour and interviewed by the Washington Examiner. This blog mostly just makes me want babies. Her little daughter is so freaking cute!

:pastry studio
Another Stumble Upon find. Filled with delicious recipes, making me want to leave Smith and go to pastry school.

Effing Dykes
Funny jokes! Gaydar quizzes! Pictures of hot queer girls! Don't miss it!

The Comics Curmudgeon
Josh reads the comics in the paper and actually makes them funny. Most hilarious blog in existence.