Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lists on lists on lists

Things to do this weekend
  1. Go to JoAnn Fabrics to get materials for my Spelling Bee costume. (I have to get fabric suitable for a cape and some felt for making finger puppets. I want to make a panda puppet and an alligator sock puppet.) 
  2. Write two one-page papers for Dance in the New Millennium. One is about Wayne MacGregor's development process, one is a cultural "text" helping a viewer to discern the cultural elements in a piece of choreography. 
  3. Write out Biology notes
  4. Draw data maps for Biology
  5. See Carmina Burana performed by the Glee Club and Chorus; I'm working as an usher so I get to go for free!
  6. Spelling Bee rehearsal on Sunday, 1-5
  7. Biology tutoring session on Sunday evening; quiz #5. 

Things for the train

  1. Overachievers book from Forbes (About high school students who have to push themselves to the breaking point to get into college.)
  2. iPod. I don't usually use it, but the wifi on Amtrak is patchy, so Alice gave me a ton of new songs to listen to. 
  3. Study for Biology and Chemistry! Wooo.....
  4. Work on finger puppet. I doubt it'll take long so I might make something else with the extra fabric. 

Things I want to do over spring break
  1. Play with kittens! (For the record, this includes Anouk, our older cat. All cats are kittens, didn't you know that?) 
  2. Cook delicious Sicilian food for St. Joseph's Table
  3. Scout around for a summer job. I have some connections that I'm hoping to use so I can get a job as a cook somewhere. 
  4. Make my Spelling Bee costume
  5. Make pretzels with my dad.
  6. Go to yoga with my mom. (I'll do it, I give in!) 
  7. Take lots of walks. 

Things I have to do over spring break
  1. Write a paper for Dance in the New Millennium on one piece of 21st century choreography
  2. Start choreographing an experimental work
  3. Research plantar fasciitis on a cellular level and organize data
  4. Make data maps for Biology
  5. Chemistry problem set (hasn't been assigned yet but I'm just assuming, based on the fact that we have assignments every day.)
  6. Lab report for Chemistry

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